Our Little Finn


Please keep our little Finn in your prayers.  On Wednesday night he experienced two seizures - the second much worse than the first.  We rushed him to the emergency vet.

After blood tests they discovered that his glucose is very low and that he most likely has an insulinoma, a pancreatic cancer.  Given his age, we have chosen not to put him through aggressive treatment.  We have consulted with our (his) vet and the internist who specializes in these things and have agreed to treat him with steroids and food management for as long as we can keep him comfortable.  Unfortunately, his days are drawing short.

I love this picture of him - which we took last summer.  Now, writing this, I'm not sure if he'll be here for the heat this summer.  His life has had been nothing but a blessing to me and to all who know him.  He is truly just a little angel.

If you pray, please pray for him and for us as we begin our final walk together.  If you don't pray, we'd appreciate it if you'd just keep him in your thoughts.  The knowledge that I will soon lose my precious baby is overwhelming to me and I am struggling to accept it so that I can focus on caring for him in his last days.   At other times I am comforted in knowing that he has had a happy life - and that I pray that I have given him as many happinesses as he deserves. 

xo - tonya
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