Rachel Zoe Redux

I think Rachel has had a little nip/tuck since last year. She looks....refreshed.

So this week's episode is all about the traumas faced by Rachel and her team as they readied their clients for The Golden Globes.

Talk about stress!

They're between seasons and everything has already been worn by everybody. Whatever will they do? She's not dying for anything! It's a problem. And they had to gown beg.

Did you ever know there was such a thing as gown begging?

Brad had to do manual labor.

Tay didn't get to try on the Dior.

And NOBODY would go eat dinner with Rodger. Just as an aside, does anybody know what Rodger does for a living?


The Rachel Zoe Project

I don't really watch much reality TV, but I do have several addictions.

Three to be exact.

I should just go ahead and tell you because they are all beginning new seasons and I'm going to have to comment on them from time to time.

First, Project Runway, which goes without saying and which it is too soon to get into.

Second, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team. I love it so much I can't even stand it. Kelly Finnglass and an entire culture dedicated only to cheerleading! My GOD! But that season starts later and I have to really, really try not to think about it right now because I get too excited.

And third, we have the season premiere of The Rachel Zoe Project.

It's Bananas ya'll! She's shutting it down. I die....

I love it so much that I have been practicing talking like Rachel, including the way she says the word "Brad".

Basically, you have to relax your whole face and say it without moving any muscles in your mouth or lips.

It helps to pretend that you get your entire caloric intake from Starbucks mega lattes and you're so otherwise weak from anorexia that you can barely move.

Not that Rachel's anorexic. She's just high strung....


Why Can't I Be Her?

This rug was featured in the September issue of Martha Stewart Living. It's in the home of Jennifer Chused, partner in DwellStudio.

Here she is wearing her cute dress and posing by her gorgeous rug.

I was so excited to get the issue and study the rug more closely.
Happily they listed the design source in the back of the magazine (Suzanne Sharpe, available at The Rug Company).
Sadly, it costs $80 per square foot. That's $4,320.00 if I get one big enough for my sunroom.
Damn! Why can't I have less expensive taste?
In the rug's defense, if it were available at Pottery Barn, I wouldn't want it.


Deep Thoughts

I'm thinking that I like Desire to Inspire more than I like Design*Sponge.

I'm thinking that I like Canadian House and Home more than I liked Domino Magazine.

I'm thinking that nothing is better than Elle Decor, the ultimate in design porn, even if you can't afford anything in it.

I'm thinking that my new vintage dinette chairs are going to be very, very cool.

I'm thinking that my law practice has been fairly brutal this month.

I'm thinking that it will be wonderful to pay somebody - ANYBODY - to paint my kitchen and laundry room, so long as I don't have to do it myself.

I'm thinking that my Benjamin Moore paint fan deck is the best thing I've had since my last jumbo box of crayons.

I'm thinking that cool autumn evenings sound really good right now.

I'm thinking that money will soon be spent on a new fall wardrobe.

I'm thinking that I need to get myself to the gym.

I'm thinking that the first week of September will be a great week.


Happy Birthday to Lola Bean!!

Happy Birthday to my little girl!

She is 7 today.

I am so happy to have had 7 years with my sweet and happy and mouthy little Bean. She has brought so much joy to me.


Hipsteria Modern

The broken dining chair is already paying off....

I decided to check out the Raleigh Craiglist listings and happened upon this place -

Hipsteria Modern.

I think I may be in heaven.

I also think that a road trip is definitely in order.

Anybody want to ride along? If you have a truck, that'd be even better.

I'll do a full report after I visit, but it looks promising. Very, very promising.


If It Isn't One Thing

This weekend we had an "incident" with one of the zebra dining chairs in my dinette.

I love to say "dinette". It makes me feel mod and if I had a cigarette, a martini and a pair of capri pants, I'd be right there.

But I digress, as you all know I do from time to time.

The upshot of the whole thing is that I used to have four zebra dining chairs and now I have three. I immediately went online to CB2 to see about ordering another, but, alas, they are no more.

What is a girl to do?

I've decided to look at this as an opportunity for improvement.

The truth is, I've been a little bit iffy on my zebra chairs since I bought them. They are a little more yellow than I thought they would be when I ordered them. I love them, I just think that I should store them and find a perfect place for them later.

I've decided to scour the internet and western North Carolina in search of cool second hand chairs.

So far, these are the ones I love. They're on Ebay and I'm watching them. I don't believe they are going to be within my price point, but you never can tell.

Stay tuned.

Corgi Fundamentalism

Finn and Lola have joined the revolutionary forces. The corgis may be coming for us, y'all.

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