Love Your Skin

Once one reaches a certain age, one notices that one's skin is not as, shall we say, tolerant, as it used to be.

When you're 18 you can wash your face or not wash your face. You can moisturize or not. When you're 18 you've never heard of sunscreen, yet alone the recommended SPF.

And you still look great.

However, once you hit your late 30's, you realize: I've got to pay more attention to my skin or I'm going to look like an old shoe.

Two or three years ago, after my last trip to France, I came home and my face was in a state. I love Paris but every time I go there I come home with skin that is dry, flaky and breaking out. I don't know whether it's the food or the water or the plane, but I'm always a mess after France. (As a side note, I will tell you that I did not have this problem in the aftermath of Italy. The water there is divine.)

Back to my story -

When I got back it was so bad I scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist and was directed to the aesthetician in her office. She turned me on to Skinceuticals and I have to say - I love it.

However, I am not hear to plug Skinceuticals (although if you comment, I will tell you about it.) I am here to plug SkincareRX, where I buy the Skinceuticals online.

The Skinceuticals line is extensive and expensive. Although, I hate to call it expensive. While it isn't cheap, I have found that it does work and you get a lot of product for the money. But, ya know, in this economy, every little bit helps.

Enter SkincareRX.

They have the whole line, they have free overnight shipping, their customer service is to DIE FOR, they don't charge sales tax and, here's the kicker, if you Google "SkincareRX Coupon" you can usually get 20% off!


I can't do any better than that in town!

If you have beauty and/or skin care needs, please go check them out. SkincareRX makes me happy and I hope you can enjoy them, too.

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