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The new bed is here!

Just in case you can't remember the old room - here's a few 'reminder shots'.....

Basically, the iron bed was too 'country' for the rest of the house and I just didn't like it. The room felt foreign to me.  And although I liked the bedding when I bought it, blue is just not my color. 

Also, as you can see from the picture, the unlined curtains added softness to the room but they were really insufficient for light control for daytime naps or for the streetlights outside our windows at night.  I didn't like the idea of my guests being kept awake at night.

And although I loved the lamps (from Crate and Barrel) more than one guest has told me that they are too low for reading in bed at night.   So they had to go.

Fortunately my brother and sister-in-law happily gave the bed, the bedding, the lamps and the drapes a home in their home! 

And here we are now:

As you can see the new bed is more in line with the rest of my house but we've kept the family pieces that were originally in the room.

The new bedding is from Pottery Barn along with the new, lined Peyton drapes which totally eliminate most of the light from the street at night.  Both the bedding and the drapes were on sale when I bought them and I used my hoarded up (for the past 4 years) American Express bonus points to pay for them all. 

Also, after an exhaustive search for lamps that I both love and want to pay for - I've come up empty.

Ideally, I'd like to find something vintage but since finding two vintage, matching lamps is kind of dicey, I've chosen to use these Target lamps that I already have for now.  They fit the space and they're the right height so until I find something I like better, they're gonna have to do....

I found myself drawn to some very similar (albeit 'nicer' ones) at Home Goods but I couldn't justify spending the money because I didn't love, love, love them and I knew these were in my attic.

The last thing is that we need a pop of color on the bed and I've ordered this little number on Etsy (on sale, too!)

The fabric is 'Hothouse Flower' by Celerie Kemble and I ordered it from Woody Liana's Etsy shop.  I'm hoping it arrives soon!  I fell in love with this a while ago but I wanted to wait until I had the bedding on the bed to pull the trigger on it.  I'm glad I did because this one was significantly cheaper than similar pillows from other sellers - due to the sale.


  1. Wow - very pretty! Looks like an image from a a magazine or catalog.

  2. Looks fantastic! I can't wait to see it in person!


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