A Celebration of Home

Many of you know that I am a long time fan of novelist Ann Patchett.  I was excited to see (really belatedly) that The New York Times had done a piece on her Nashville home.

Obviously, she had me at the 'pink washed brick' - but her essay made me cry.  It's how I feel about home - the house itself, the Beans and now The Boy.  It is "... a good life, wrapped in a good house."  

Favorite quote:  "I am away more than I would like... and I never walk through my own front door without thinking: thank-you-thank-you-thank-you."

 Love the paint color, the light in the hall, the space, the doors - what a beautiful room!

Rose (the puppy) had a hard life.  Ms. Patchett just wrote in Vogue that Rose is recently deceased after 15 happy years.  Rest in Peace little lovely. 

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