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Ok -

I totally have a girl crush on Emerson Fry.

Totally.  I would date her ass and I'm so all about boys usually....

And now Jane asked me to speak OUT about her dresses - so here goes.

First, I will say that I don't usually spend this much money on clothes.  I save it for bags and shoes.  

These dresses are different to me because they are such basic, well-made shifts - which is what I want and what I cannot find.  I cannot understand why it is so hard to find something so classic and simple.  So I'm taking what I can get and blowing the summer clothes budget on 2 dresses. 

As an aside, I also love that she pairs these things with pants - which isn't my normal thing but now I'm in love with it.  Maybe because I'm older?  I'm trying to 'evolve' my look.  And these dresses inspire me.

There are a few little things, though....

First, this stuff runs BIG.  I know - it's supposed to be big and roomy but there is roomy and then there is potato sack. 

I ordered the orange Mod in 'Small' and it's HUGE.  I mean HUGE.  After trying it on, I decided to return it but when I went to re-order in the extra small it was no longer available.

Since I love the dress, the fabric and the color I decided to keep it and have it tailored. 

When the white mod became available, I ordered it in extra small and it fits much better.  It's still roomy but in a good way.  I think it may be a tidge too big through the shoulders but I have that in almost every dress I buy.  I don't really consider myself an extra small and I even consulted Emerson's size chart before ordering the orange but it is just way too big. 

The other thing is the V slash neckline. 

Now - it looks great on this model but in real life it's WAY TOO LOW and my girls are on display. 

And not in a good way. 

I think it adds a lot to the dress to have just a *little* too much cleavage showing - after all, I plan to wear them for funzies and smoochy dinners with The Boy - but both these dresses just look like they're gaping open - so the tailor is going to have to tack them.   They have a little snap in the middle but even when I snapped them, the dresses gaped and you're just looking at the middle of the front of your bra. 

Not sexy, just exposed. 

So there is the review.  The dresses are great - they are classic and lined and well-made and the linen is lovely - but they run big in my opinion and the slash neck is *too* slashed. 

So if you are inclined, order away, darlings!  Just go down a size and prepare to tack it or wear a broach or something....

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  1. Ah - I had a sinking feeling this style tunic dress would be larger than expected & somewhat boxy. Good for you in that you have a decent tailor to nip in the sides.

    I too was concerned with the the deep v-neck & worried how to nicely & seamlessly fix that issue without it looking like I tinkered with it.

    I'm taking an advanced sewing class & have considered making my version of this dress...but in a linen+cotton blend so that it has a little give when you sit down. I find linen great to stand in, but can be a challenge to sit down in what with it not very stretchy or prone to "give".

    But with me, there's always a huge gap between what I think I might do (make this dress) & what I actually will do (probably maybe not anytime soon).

    Anyways, super cute dresses none-the-less! I have an older EmersonMade skirt I really like that I bought on one of her end of season sales. It's very simple & very unadorned - which appeals to my esthetics, but I haven't bought anything since mostly due to the price tag.

    Keep us in the loop on how the tailoring goes!


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