Happy Monday

So - yeah - I read this weekend......

I know, I know, I know.

I'm boring.  I'm a boring reader....

Actually, the books I'm reading aren't boring.  It's the fact that I'm spending so much time reading them that's making me boring.

What can I do?  It's what I want to do and it keeps me out of trouble.  And by trouble I mean shopping for handbags in the mall.

*heavy sigh*

I actually did do more than read this weekend.

On Saturday I took myself to lunch, bought new running shoes at Run For Your Life and got my toes done and my hair highlighted....  I read through the pedicure and hair part but still - what else are you going to do?  May as well improve your mind....

On Sunday I hung out for most of the day with my darling friend.  We had brunch and then shopped at The Container Store, Sleepy Poet and Crate and Barrel.  And we may or may not have had chocolate milkshakes but if asked, we plan to deny it.

Just sayin'.

I also was also pretty tearful this weekend.  9/11 upsets me.  I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but it upsets me and my heart is just still so, so broken.  And I'm not sure that I'll ever not feel this way or that I want to feel otherwise.   I prayed for us all.

I'm having a short week this week.  I am headed to deepest, darkest southern redneck West Virginia next weekend.  Gonna get a little nephew smooches.

Do you think it's possible to finagle a four day work week until January?  Nah.  I didn't think so, either.

Still - a girl can dream, right?
Image:  Only Your Friends Steal Your Books by The Other Room.

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  1. I was in the same boat! Did you see the State Farm commercial? Spike Lee filmed these elementary school kids surprising some FDNY guys by singing the chorus to Empire State of Mind song (the Alicia Keyes version) and I just about lost it. And THEN I spent the rest of the day watching the Concert for NY. I would kind of worry about myself if it didn't still bother me, though...

    And, seriously. Can we PLEASE work on that whole 4-day workweek situation?


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