Happy Monday

Here's what happened here this weekend:

Well, we weren't actually here this weekend.....

Here's what happened with us out of town this weekend:

We drove to the mountains.

We hung out with my family.

Finn and Lola surveyed the property, sniffed the various smells very carefully.  The also chased a stick, herded the nephews and (Finn especially) rolled in many stinky things.  All in all, a very satisfactory vacation to the country for two city dogs.

My Mom and I drove over to Lewisburg, West Virginia - the Coolest Small Town in America - no shit.  We had a great time.  And other than lunch, I spent no money....  More about that later this week.

I finished my latest book.

I enjoyed LOTS of cool weather while soaking happily in my parents' hot tub.  It was very nice.

I did very few chores.

All in all, a great weekend. 
Image:  Flower by Can't Buy Me Love Photography.

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