Out and About in West Virginia

Last week, my mom and I headed over to visit Lewisburg, West Virginia - the coolest small town in America.

Look - they even have flags to prove it -

Now, y'all may not know this but West Virginians don't really DO the things in West Virginia that regular people (read non- West Virginians or tourists) do. 

We don't ski.  We don't white water raft.  We don't stay at The Greenbrier....  you get the gist....

But casting caution to the wind, Mom and I decided to go to Lewisburg and act like tourists.

It was very beautiful.

We had lunch at Food and Friends.  Good food.  Great service.  Really crowded.  If you go for dinner, make a reservation.

Really cute buildings with great architecture:

Antiques, art galleries -

What looked to be a decent place to get a facial -

And you know, the requisite kitchen/cheese/coffee shop - Bella the Corner Gourmet.

If you are headed to West Virginia you may wanna stop on by.


  1. I've been to Beckley (BFF is from there) and Charleston (for work) many times. Of course White Sulpher Springs for the GB, but I've never been to Lewisburg before. It looks absolutely presh!

  2. You should head up one weekend. Shouldn't be too much of a drive for you...


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