Etc., Etc.

So -  last Thursday was a day I knew would one day come.

It's a day that you say to yourself "I know it will happen, Lord.... but not today.  OK?"

Well, November 8, 2011 it happened to me.

I need *deep breath* bifocals.....

OK - I'm being a teensy bit dramatic.

I don't need bifocals yet.  But I now have multifocal contacts and the doctor said that if I didn't want them I'd have to pick up some +1.00 'readers' (the lowest available power).

But there's nowhere to go from here but down - ya know?

Now - I'm pretty much functionally blind and have been for a long time.  I've had some type of corrective lens since I was 12.  I'm used to it.


My doctor tells me that vision issues like this occur because the cornea doesn't stop growing as we age - so it's not a matter of 'degeneration'  - only a matter of reaching a certain age.

Somehow that makes me feel better and worse at the same time. 

So I've decided to buy some sexy glasses.

When the going gets tough, the aging go shopping....


  1. Love that photo of MM! Gorgeous.

    I've been wearing glasses or lenses since I was in 4th grade, so I get it. But there are so many fun and colorful and just plain FUNKY readers out there, you could have a bunch of different ones to wear depending on your mood! I'm sorta looking forward to it, myself.

    Clearly, at 40, I've lost my mind!

  2. Oh please, I've had contacts since I was 12 and reading glasses since I was 21. I personally love the look of glasses. You're going to look fab and sassy!


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