Happy Monday


I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

Here's what happened around here:

We went to West Virginia. 

Lola Bean spent the better part of three days herding, fussing over and licking the ears of my nephews, with varying degrees of squalling, giggling and good-natured tolerance.

Finn took one look at the baby and decided he didn't want any part of him.  My baby nephew is a thug.  A thug I tell you.  I have the bruises on my legs to prove it!  He's gonna kill my sister.  I don't even want to think what he'll do when he learns to walk.  As of now, he scoots, crawls, and rolls through the house looking for trouble and food.  He's a tiny thug with blond hair, slobber and 4 teeth. 

We ate and napped. 

Two Beans went outside (and being 'mountain doggies' for the holiday) proceeded to roll in all manner of stinkiness and dirt. Lola had to be squirted off twice on Thanksgiving - once covered in mud and once covered in something stinky that I don't even KNOW what it was.  Finn had one trip to the utility room sink COVERED in wild turkey poop.  COVERED.  He was so proud to be so disgusting and so aggravated that I washed it all off. 

Although I did a fair amount of online browsing, I only bought one thing on Black Friday - a pair of jeans from the Gap.  Yeah - I know, go figure. 

We came home and I cleaned the house and put up the Christmas trees and we generally hung out for the rest of the weekend. 

So how's that? 

This week I have court on Monday and Tuesday followed by a short week and the big kick off of my annual BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA!!!  It'll run through next Tuesday, in case you're keeping up. 

So let's have a great week!  Christmas is just around the corner.

xoxo - Tonya
Image:  Harvest Time by Shannon Leigh Studios.


  1. It sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving was had by all! Those little beans had the time of their lives, I'd say :)

    Can't wait to hear about the birthday extravaganza!

  2. Lovely except for the turkey poop all over the corgi part...

  3. Yes, well, there is that....

    Boys will be boys I suppose ;)


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