Happy Monday

Happy Monday, everyone!

It's Thanksgiving week!  Christmas is just around the corner.

I am so in the mood for the holidays this year.  I'm almost giddy and for a long, long time I didn't believe I had any giddiness left in me.

And, you know, it's great because it's not even pharmacologically induced!

I have a short week at work - about which I am very happy.  My job was so job-y last week.  I had to be in Court three days.  Three days!  I was running out of lawyer clothes.

My major accomplishment last week was spending almost all of the money sitting in my flexible spending account at work.  We're getting down to brass tacks, here.  However, thanks to the necessity of new contacts and glasses and three new teeny-tiny fillings in my teeth, I have cleaned that sucker out!  Gotta love it.

Oh - and get this.  Because I have money I have to spend, of course I found it difficult to spend it all.  The frames I liked for my glasses weren't actually the most expensive ones there.  Gah!  I hate it when that happens.

I have a facial this week - super excited about that - and then the Beans and I are headed to the mountains for a few days of reading, eating, napping and shopping.  Finn and Lola LOVE to go to West Virginia.  They enjoy a few days of being mountain doggies. 

Here's hoping for a wonderful week.

xoxo - Tonya
Image:  Winter Berries by Raceytay.

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