Happy Monday


I'm back.  Kinda.  I'm up in the air.  I'm all over the place....

I'm trying. 

So the biggest thing that happened since I've been gone is that I broke my toe....



I was injured!

And I have to tell you I'm kinda appalled by the general lack of horror and sympathy that I've received from my friends.  It's like 'yeah, yeah, yeah...broken toe...whatever'....

So I hobbled around for a while (although the day after it happened I DID wear 4 inch heals to the wedding - I mean - I have a reputation to maintain) but now my foot (not my toe) is KILLING me.  I think I need to see a doctor - I mean, this could be bad!

Have I mentioned that I may or may not be a hypochondriac? 

The boy is fine.  The Beans are fine.  The house has been cleaner....

I'm incredibly happy, toe pain notwithstanding......

Happy Monday, everyone!


Image:  Summer Meadow by Cottage Light Studios.

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