These Charming Legs

Ok - so summer is here and the hunt for the perfect self-tanner continues. 

At least for me. 

Some of you may still be baking yourselves in the sun - or heaven forbid, the tanning booth - and to y'all I just have to say "Quit it."

I read about the Sephora Tinted Self-tanning Body Mist on another blog (and I cannot remember which one) but the review was good so I decided to try it. 

Here's my breakdown:

  • The color is very natural
  • It is easy to apply, goes on super quickly and the coverage is great
  • It dries very quickly and if you take care when you're spraying it on, it doesn't streak
  • My 'hard to tan' areas (ankles, toes, knees, etc) look very natural
  • Since you spray it on, it doesn't get all over the palms of your hands (washing self tanner off of my hands after application has always been a big pain to me)
  • The 'tan' lasts for 3-4 days
  • The fade is very natural and your legs don't look diseased by the end
  • It may stain a little, but it washes out beautifully
  • It doesn't smell 'chemically' (and maybe this should be number one with a bullet).  It smells like suntan lotion but it is not cloying.  I actually enjoy it as I would a nice perfume.
  • The cost:  It's $15 for the can
  • I've only been able to get about 3 applications per can
  • It gets all over the place when you spray it on - I apply in my stand alone and enclosed shower so it contains the mess - if you don't have a stand alone shower, you may have an issue with it
So if you need a little color you may want to give this a try.  Over all, my pros definitely outweigh my cons.  My main issue with it is really the cost and the cost bugs because you really don't get a lot of applications for the money.  When I have time, I'll go back to my old standby of L'oreal Sublime Bronzer but for a quick tan when I'm running late for work, I love this stuff.

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