Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend, everyone!!!

It's gonna be a hot one - but I'm trying not to complain.  You know, in my experience, complaining about the weather only makes me feel worse, not better, so I try not to do it.

The Boy and I are going to dinner and then to see The Screwtape Letters this weekend.  We're excited about it (he and I are geeky in the same way so you know one of the reasons we're smitten).  And I'm shopping with the darling and charming Sarah on Saturday afternoon. 

Sunday we're organizing my garage and taking some stuff to Goodwill.  I cannot say that I'm looking forward to it, but I'll be happy when it's done....

So have a wonderful weekend! 

And I'll see you on Monday (I promise.  I will.  I really, really will....)


Image:  Popsicle Print by September Wren.

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