Happy Weekend


The summer is coming to an end.  We've had a lot of changes here this summer.  As wonderful as they've been, I'm looking forward to fall and getting back into a little bit of a rut. 

Summer, the sun ...  I always feel a little stressed in the summer.  I feel an obligation to get out and do things and run around.  Fall lends itself to nesting.  To napping.  To snuggly sweaters and warm drinks and crisp nights.  Fires and cooking.  I love it.  I'm looking forward to it.  I'm looking forward to the holidays. 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.  I'm running errands and snuggling down for a while and then seeing friends and smooching corgis.  And The Boy. 


Image:  Field Study by Violet Julia Photography.


  1. I used to hate to see the summer end, but with the awful heat and humidity these days I look forward to fall and cooler weather. Have a great weekend. See you on your blog Monday.


  2. Thanks Wanda. I hope you are well. I've been thinking about you.
    xoxox Tonya


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