The Weekly Bean


I thought I'd let you get to know me a little better. 

Here are Five Fun Facts about Finn:
  1. My middle name is 'Andrew'.  It only gets used about once a year when I'm in super duper extra mean snake trouble with my Mama.
  2. I will eat anything you want to give me except olives.  I don't care for them.
  3. At night, I sort of sleep all over the place.  Sometimes, I even sleep downstairs, in the dark, on the couch, all by myself.  It's a little bit more tolerable now that The Boy is here to even things out but sometimes, I get sick of these girls.
  4. I have a trick knee.
  5. I am in charge here.  Lola acts like she's in charge, but she benefits from my largesse.  I am the top dog.  It's true.  You can ask my Mama....
Corgi kisses....


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