On This Earth

I dropped by the new Barnes & Noble in SouthPark last week. If you haven't been over there you should go check it out.

I was thrilled with the selection of coffee table books on display, I suppose in preparation for the Christmas gift crush. Those of you who know The Bee Charmer are well aware of my love of coffee table books. I think that there is a perception that coffee table books are frivolous and have no real purpose. I disagree strongly! First of all, they are, if nothing else, beautiful and bring beauty to one's home. Beauty is often underrated and if anything should be beautiful, it is your home. Secondly, pictures have the ability to convey people and places in a way that words often cannot. My case in point is the stunning On this Earth a new book by Nick Brandt. Mr. Brandt's photographs have captured the landscape and wild life in East Africa and remind us of the power and beauty of these animals and this land. The introduction by Jane Goodall reminds us that the Earth is in peril and we must do what we can to save it, for ourselves and those who are to come. Go. Look at this book and be reminded of the "beauty of creation and the sacredness of life".

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