Sweet Potato Love

Have ya'll been over to The Counter? I avoided it for a while. The Bee Charmer has always successfully limited red meat. Once a month. TOPS.

Well not anymore. The Counter has turned me into a raging carnivore. I couldn't practice law today because my brain was fixated on The Counter.

In case you haven't been, you should run over there. The toppings! The cheeses! THE FRIES! Whatever you do, get the sweet potato fries. Don't think. Just go.


  1. My comment on the fries the first time I tried them. I quote, "OH MY GOD." I said it at least three times. I am ready to come down there to eat the fries. I can't stop thinking about the fries. My husband thinks I'm crazy. But he DOESN'T KNOW the power of the fries and the sauce. Let's make a date for The Counter!!

  2. the veggie burger is the best!! trust me, give it a whirl when you have fulfilled your once a month quota (O:

  3. The Chris didn't love it. Not at all. More SP Fries for us!


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