Today's Surprising Recommendation

Have ya'll ever met Glen Campbell? If not, you should introduce yourselves. It is a little known fact that that the Bee Charmer has always had a bit of a thing for him. My mom had one of his albums when I was a little girl and I confess that I, at the tender age of 4, thought he was pretty cute. But I digress.
Glen had a few rough years but this album is stellar. He is, at 73, in very fine voice. The album consists solely of covers from the likes of Tom Petty, Jackson Browne, Foo Fighters, U2, and Green Day. I know, you think that Glen Campbell couldn't possibly do justice to Green Day. Believe me, he will wipe the smirk right off of your face. Go. Download. Now.


  1. I downloaded it. I thought the Bee Charmer had gone over the edge with her love of covers, but it's GOOD!

  2. Since I know ofyour love of covers, I am bringing you the link to another blog I read.... www.holaisabel.com. she is awesome and is recommending a cover album of Guns and Roses songs. I listened. I liked. Hope you do too.


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