Addicted to Pretty

Saturday was a lovely day here in Charlotte. I wanted to be out an about so I swung by a couple of my favorite home stores.

First up, we have the Interiors Marketplace.

I love it here because I am addicted to pretty. Seriously. I don't have enough flat surfaces to accommodate all of the pretty sit around stuff that I wish I had the money to buy. And the Interiors Marketplace is just FULL of pretty.

They used to be down in the South End but they have recently relocated to the old Myers Park Hardware location on Providence Road. Several vendors maintain booths and they have beautiful french wired crystal lamps, silk lampshades, pillows, beeswax candles, furniture and art. The ladies were nice enough to let me snap some pictures and share the pretty.

I like this one because of the glass and gilt coffee table and the beautiful pink tulips.

This is Lamshop's booth and I think they are my favorite. They always have the coolest pillows and the funkiest accessories. They also are doing some custom upholstery pieces which you can check out on their website. They had a set of three chocolate brown faux alligator nesting trays this week that I thought were particularly wonderful. I also love the cool coral colored etagere in this pictures.

Here is one of their upholstered chairs. Isn't it lovely?

Then I wandered over to look at the fun pieces at the Happy Chair booth. I'm not sure they are really my taste, but I love the way they mix patterns and give life to old pieces. I always feel like my perceptions have been heightened after a peek at the Happy Chairs.

I love the zebra on these two!

Aren't the stripes just darling?

Finally, after a happy time at Interiors Marketplace, I swung by my old standby, The Clearing House on Central Avenue. I cannot fully express my love for The Clearing House. The prices are great, the selection is ever changing and I think they have the best mix of any consignment store going. You never know what you'll find in there, which I think is the mark of greatness when you enjoy second hand stores. I have picked up a lot of great stuff here over the years. It's definitely worth a trip.


  1. i love those zebra chairs..
    tres chic!
    and totally concur with you on
    the clearing house, great for buying and selling!!

  2. Any love for Consignment 1st up here at the lake? I know you have been there... ;-)

  3. Thanks for the pictures of Interiors Marketplace. I've been meaning to stop by now that they are literally right around the corner from my house! Thanks for the sneak peek!


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