Gratuitous Pretty Man Post

I think that every other week or two I am going to do a gratuitous pretty man post.

Why not?

We all deserve a little pretty, don't we?

"I want to be remembered as a great actor - and a shining example of humanity."
- Jesse L. Martin
Heavy Sigh.

I love him. I've always loved him. He's so pretty. When he got shot on Law and Order I was distraught, ya'll.


I mean, I knew he was going off to make a Marvin Gaye movie (because I have an insatiable lust for celebrity gossip) but I thought they'd send him undercover or something. I didn't think they'd shoot him. I just didn't see it coming!

Anyhoo, he turned out fine but he left the show anyway. Jeremy Sisto is small comfort, although he's a heck of sight better than Dennis Farina.
Big smoochies to Jesse. Thanks for being this week's Gratuitous Pretty Man!

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