I love the light. I love the daily ritual of opening up the house every morning and then closing it up at night before we go to bed.

This is a picture of the living room and dining room in my old (rented) townhouse. It was filled with the early morning sun coming through the trees. I lived there for six years and I don't think a day went by that I didn't stop, at some point, and thank God for how beautiful the light was there. I took pictures of it before I left so that I could remember it.

I bring this up because everyday as I walk my Beans I am STUNNED by my neighbors' decisions to keep all of their blinds closed all of the time. I'm not kidding. At least 95% of the blinds in my neighborhood are always closed.

I don't know how they stand it.

The thought of living in a house and not letting the light in, not being able to see -- I think it must be like living in a cave or a submarine. It makes me truly sad for them. What a dreary existence. What a tiny little thing to give yourself happiness - open your blinds. And the thing is, I'll bet they're so used to living in darkness that they don't even know what they're missing.

On Monday, when I stayed home in the snow, I was puttering around in the house and again I had to stop and say a little prayer. All of this lovely white light was reflecting off the snow and lit up the whole house. It was just such a blessing - casting such a beautiful glow on everything - priceless and yet it didn't cost a cent.

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  1. shocked. i feel this same emotion. how? why? when it is beautiful outside can one not open the window and glass doors and blinds... get out for a stroll, sit in the sun. it is one of the very best things in life and it is free to us, maybe the high 70's and bright sun this weekend will break them out of their self imposed cages...


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