Happy Monday

Hello friends!

How was the weekend? 

Ours was busy and fun. 

I'm a little bit sad that our current weather isn't more wintery.    It's Christmas and it seems like it ought to be a little more blustery. 

On the other hand, I'm loving the mild temperatures and the sunshine.  So I'm trying to just be thankful and happy for what I do have and not think about what I don't have. 

Isn't that the secret to life? 

I can tell you, though, that Friday evening was gray and rainy and after I came home and walked the dogs I laid down under a snuggly blanket and took a little nap.  There is something that is just do delicious about being snuggled down for a warm nap when its cold and rainy outside, isn't there?  And I was thankful for that delicious feeling and thankful for my warm home. 

On Saturday I went to look at art (FUN!) and finished up the last of my Christmas shopping. 

Ok - I'm not totally done.  I've got a couple of little things left to do.  Isn't that always the way it goes?  There is always some last minute something, something that you have to do at Christmas.  And then it's over in 30 minutes. 

On Sunday I went up to help my darling friends with their new house.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, The New Mr. and Mrs. Barr have a new house!!!  They are in the 'still hunting for things packed in boxes' phase and anxiously awaiting the delivery of enormous amounts of furniture but it still looks FABULOUS.  And the previous owners left the most glorious plantation shutters and striped silk roman shades.  It's window treatment heaven even without furniture.

And then I came home to the Beans and cleaned our house like a crazy woman.  And did a little more decking of our little halls.  Oh - and laundry.  I did the laundry.

I'm not sure what work is going to look like this week.  Civil court is pretty much shut down until after the New Year so I'm hoping for lazy, quiet, catch up time.  We'll see how it goes. 

So thanks for stopping by!

xoxo- Tonya
Image by me.


  1. Our Friday night was very rainy and cold here as well. We had to go out and about, which was no good, but I sure did long for a nice nap under the blanket...with Louis :)

    We haven't been having very wintery weather either. I wonder if it will be one of those crazy years where it dumps bunches of snow right after Christmas, or if it will just never really get there?

  2. From everything I've seen, it's supposed to be a warm and mild winter. Good? Maybe?


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