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At some point over the last few years I have become a "NARS" girl.

I am really not sure how this came about.  I'm sure it had something to do with the "Orgasm" blush craze of a few years back.  The irony of it is that the allegedly universally flattering "Orgasm" blush doesn't really do that much for my skin - the peachiness sort of blends in with the red hair and the freckles and I feel like a creamscicle.  So I go with the "Deep Throat". 

Ah - who comes up with these names?

But I am not here to talk about blush or about lipstick or about concealer or about lip gloss - all of which I wear and all of which also come from NARS. 

I am here to talk about the foundation I've been searching for for years that I have finally found at the NARS counter - the NARS Sheer Glow. 

Y'all, I love this stuff. It gives me the coverage I need without making me look like a Geisha, it doesn't smell funny and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, at least in the world of makeup counter foundation. 

I was driven to try it by my annual "It's my birthday, I'm not getting any younger, try to look OK to make myself feel better" kick.  I went to Makeup Alley to read the recommendations before heading over to Nordstrom to get some and the most cogent and convincing review I read was written by a 43 year old MAN. 

Is this what's going on out there now?  Are men wearing foundation and actually writing reviews about it?  Geeze I've been out of the game too long.....

But I digress.....

Anyway if you're looking for a good foundation (or want to try a new line in general) you may want to head to the NARS counter.  I universally like their products for cost, ease of application, staying power and color. 

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