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I'm so in love with them.....

Finn has been a little 'not himself' for the past few weeks.  I was worried that his teeth were bothering him so he and I went to the vet yesterday.

It's not his teeth.

It's his back - my greatest fear realized. 

The vet didn't think it was too much to be concerned about.  Since he seems to want to rest she wants me to let him rest and she has given us something to manage his pain and inflammation.  She wants him to get mostly rest for the next 2 to 4 weeks (so no stairs, no frapping and very short walks) and then we'll have another look. 

Although I don't think this is that bad, please keep us and him in your prayers.  He's such a good little baby boy and I want him to be with me for a very long time. 


  1. Oh poor FInn! A bum back is well a bummer. My 13 yr old Shih-Tzu has 2 compressed discs that give him a fit every so often & when it does - it does with a vengeance. Breaks my heart. We invested in little doggie stairs for him to get on the couches but he can re-injure his back just taking a big stretch or rolling around on the floor.
    I feel for your Finn & for you - it hurts to see the fur babies hurting.
    Hope he feels better soon!

  2. Poor, sweet Finn. I know it must be killing you to see him having pains :( Way too early to consider, but my girlfriend's beagle is having some major back problems. She is currently having accupuncture and some electric therapy. Has made a world of difference, and the little beagle seems to actually enjoy it! So just know that should some R&R not get Finn feeling tops, he can always have some accupuncture and massage :)

    Louis and I both are sending lots of "get well soon" prayers to Mr. Finn!

  3. Poor little Finn! I will be thinking of him and sending him the most positive thoughts! Lucky for him he has a mamma that loves him like crazy. Give him a scratch under the chin from me and Libby please!


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