Happy Monday

Hey guys!

Happy Monday!

We have endured yet another scorchingly hot weekend in North Carolina.  I'm not complaining but the heat is starting to wear me out.  I took naps all weekend and avoided being outside.  The good news is that the heat is supposed to break soon.

The Boy and I went on a fact finding mission to Ikea to look at bookshelves (for the on-going guest room redecoration), cabinets (for the laundry room) and shelving systems (for the garage).  Yeah, The Boy is handy and he thinks we need to organize a bit more.  He also thinks we should paint the garage (including the floor).

*heavy sigh*

Y'all know that my interest in a cute house does not extend to the garage....  But this is a fall project - so I can remain in denial for a few more months.

I've got lots of court this week - which generally helps the time pass so - yay!



Image:  Poppies by Kim Koza.

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