This Charming Handbag

It occurred to me the other day that the happiness in my life is making it's way into my handbag.

I mean, lately I've gone from an almost all black bag to a veritable rainbow! 

Currently, we're rocking the Reed Krakoff 510 tote - I swear, this may be the best bag I've ever owned.

Don't get me wrong, I love all of them and I hate to play favorites - but when it comes to durability, style, fabulosity and downright practicality this tote cannot be beaten.

It's big enough to hold everything and then some!  I bought it at the Reed Krakoff after Christmas sale last year (at a substantial discount) and MAN is it worth every penny!  I'm saving myself for this year's sale.  I hope I won't be disappointed.  

And the leather is like butter....

Anywho -

The buttery cool black exterior of the bag belies the PARTY that is going on inside!  

I mean, look at this:

How's that for a colorful bag?

This is my new little wallet from Kate Spade (curtesy of the sale being on SALE - y'all know I can't resist that).  And although blue really isn't my thing this vibrant turquoise really just tripped my trigger.  

And the best part about it is that the lining coordinates with the makeup bag that was also on sale!

As for bags for the bag I'm still happily rocking the two bag system.  It really is the only way to go.

The taller bag in the back (A super fun orange and hot pink little thing I picked up at Target) contains all the ugly necessities of life:  Neosporin, Advil, safety pins, tampons, Tums, bandaids and dental floss.

The cutesy makeup bag in the front has the actual makeup - although I am a minimalist where this is concerned.  I just have never been able to carry enough stuff to redo my whole face - I just don't see the point.  

Generally speaking I carry a compact, some concealer, blush, a portable blush brush and several kinds of lip gloss and matte lipstick - most are from NARS.  I really like NARS products and their product names are fun.  Currently in my bag I have Deep Throat blush, Sex Machine lip stick and Risky Business lip gloss.  Hah!

Then we have my moleskin notebook (can't live without it and always pink), my card case for business cards and calling cards and of course, my iPhone.  

Because I am an Apple whore.  

My reading glasses - which I need more and more these days ....  at least they're cute. 

Gum, multiple tubes of carmax lip balm (totally addicted), Sharpies and a hi-lighter.  It's really surprising to me how often I use that little hi-lighter.  I'd also like to say that I don't chew a lot of gum - because I think it's gauche to be chomping on gum in public - but it's nice to have a piece in the privacy of your car when you want it...

And yeah, I did say 'gauche'.  It's the word I wanted.

Court house badge....  What can I say, it gets me in....

Oh - there's other stuff in there.  I always have sunglasses, a snack, a book...  Sometimes I have an umbrella and a drink.  Often I throw my court files in there.  The beauty of this particular handbag is that it'll hold it all - and look good at the same time.  

So girls, what's in your bag that you love and can't live without?  

Do tell.


  1. I literally just returned from buying my first "grown up" bag from Coach during my lunch hour today, as part of my "face it, you've been a grown up for YEARS" birthday present to myself. So, my question to you is this. What are your best resources for finding cute bags? That are also maybe on sale?

    Also - you had a picture, maybe on your picture blog? - of a great, sparkly clutch. Do you happen to remember where you picked it up as well?


  2. Joy - that bag was from J. Crew and I bought it at the after Christmas sale about 3 years ago. If you're looking for something sparkly - shop the after Christmas sales - they put it all out for New Years. As for the rest of your question, I'll do a post next week.

    Kisses -



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