The Weekly Bean

Our friend Miss Rebecca is getting married soon!

We LOVE our Miss Rebecca.  She gives us smooches and belly rubs and sometimes babysits for us when Mama goes away.  She is our best-est friend.

Mama and our Aunt M and Aunt Julie threw Miss Rebecca a wedding shower and we were allowed to work the room after the presents were opened.

We were skeptical of participating in a 'shower' because we just had a bath and we didn't want another one, even if Mama was serving refreshments....

But Mama told us that 'shower' was just another word for 'party with food, punch and presents' and by the time Mama let us out of puppy prison in the upstairs guest room we were ready to suspend our disbelief.

Well!  Our whole house was FULL of ladies and some of them petted us and then our Aunt M slipped us a biscuit!  Aunt M is our best-est friend, too.

All in all, it was a lovely afternoon and we were certainly happy to do our part to make Miss Rebecca's shower a little fuzzier.


Finn and Lola


  1. That picture is precious!


  2. Wow!! There's nothing like dog smiles.


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