Off This Week

I am taking a week off from work.

Before y'all get too excited, I'm spending the week taking care of all the household stuff that still needs to be done, a year and a half into home ownership.

Isn't that exciting? Painting! Closet Cleaning! Trips to Goodwill!

I know that I have been speaking about the stairway makeover for a while but believe it or not, on Sunday I honest to goodness got started on it. Yes, friends, as we speak my ugly banisters are covered in primer and anxiously awaiting their final coat of paint. I'm going to finish them this afternoon.

Tomorrow, the kitchen and laundry room are being painted and I'll be sure to post pictures. I'm not entirely sure that you will be able to tell the difference between the flat "builder's beige" that currently graces both rooms and the "French Canvas" from Benjamin Moore that had been selected after much consternation. However, I will be able to tell and really, that's all that matters.
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