Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend, everyone!!!

It's gonna be a hot one - but I'm trying not to complain.  You know, in my experience, complaining about the weather only makes me feel worse, not better, so I try not to do it.

The Boy and I are going to dinner and then to see The Screwtape Letters this weekend.  We're excited about it (he and I are geeky in the same way so you know one of the reasons we're smitten).  And I'm shopping with the darling and charming Sarah on Saturday afternoon. 

Sunday we're organizing my garage and taking some stuff to Goodwill.  I cannot say that I'm looking forward to it, but I'll be happy when it's done....

So have a wonderful weekend! 

And I'll see you on Monday (I promise.  I will.  I really, really will....)


Image:  Popsicle Print by September Wren.


The Weekly Bean

We are on patrol.....

You wouldn't BELIEVE the nerve of all the people who think they can walk on our sidewalk....



It's just so pretty.

Borrowed Words

"She was the captain of her soul."
William Faulkner, Light in August
Image:  Vintage Pencil Skirt and Handbag by Elly Mac Photos.


Tuesday's Girl

"Pick the day.  Enjoy it - to the hilt.  The day as it comes.  People as they come.....  The past, I think, has helped me appreciate the present - and I don't want to spoil any of it by fretting about the future."
Audrey Hepburn

These Charming Legs

Ok - so summer is here and the hunt for the perfect self-tanner continues. 

At least for me. 

Some of you may still be baking yourselves in the sun - or heaven forbid, the tanning booth - and to y'all I just have to say "Quit it."

I read about the Sephora Tinted Self-tanning Body Mist on another blog (and I cannot remember which one) but the review was good so I decided to try it. 

Here's my breakdown:

  • The color is very natural
  • It is easy to apply, goes on super quickly and the coverage is great
  • It dries very quickly and if you take care when you're spraying it on, it doesn't streak
  • My 'hard to tan' areas (ankles, toes, knees, etc) look very natural
  • Since you spray it on, it doesn't get all over the palms of your hands (washing self tanner off of my hands after application has always been a big pain to me)
  • The 'tan' lasts for 3-4 days
  • The fade is very natural and your legs don't look diseased by the end
  • It may stain a little, but it washes out beautifully
  • It doesn't smell 'chemically' (and maybe this should be number one with a bullet).  It smells like suntan lotion but it is not cloying.  I actually enjoy it as I would a nice perfume.
  • The cost:  It's $15 for the can
  • I've only been able to get about 3 applications per can
  • It gets all over the place when you spray it on - I apply in my stand alone and enclosed shower so it contains the mess - if you don't have a stand alone shower, you may have an issue with it
So if you need a little color you may want to give this a try.  Over all, my pros definitely outweigh my cons.  My main issue with it is really the cost and the cost bugs because you really don't get a lot of applications for the money.  When I have time, I'll go back to my old standby of L'oreal Sublime Bronzer but for a quick tan when I'm running late for work, I love this stuff.


Happy Monday


I'm back.  Kinda.  I'm up in the air.  I'm all over the place....

I'm trying. 

So the biggest thing that happened since I've been gone is that I broke my toe....



I was injured!

And I have to tell you I'm kinda appalled by the general lack of horror and sympathy that I've received from my friends.  It's like 'yeah, yeah, yeah...broken toe...whatever'....

So I hobbled around for a while (although the day after it happened I DID wear 4 inch heals to the wedding - I mean - I have a reputation to maintain) but now my foot (not my toe) is KILLING me.  I think I need to see a doctor - I mean, this could be bad!

Have I mentioned that I may or may not be a hypochondriac? 

The boy is fine.  The Beans are fine.  The house has been cleaner....

I'm incredibly happy, toe pain notwithstanding......

Happy Monday, everyone!


Image:  Summer Meadow by Cottage Light Studios.

Sunday Afternoon

Elle Decor, William Faulkner, Lemon Drops and Cigars (for The Boy)....

The Bee Charmer Loves Paris

Image:  Chocolate and Wine Shop in Paris by Pamela Jane Photography.


Happy Weekend!


I totally took a dive, didn't I? 

I didn't mean to, I swear.  It just sort of happened. 

I'm in love.  I'm crazy at work.  And I've had 'blog burnout' since the middle of last year.

So I just sort of dropped out.  Not just out of the blog but pretty much from online.  No Twitter.  No Instagram.  Very little Facebook.

But I'm coming back next week.  Although I'm thinking I'll have a more limited posting schedule until Labor Day.

Thank you all for sticking around and I've gotten some lovely, lovely emails from some of you which have touched me so much. 


Image:  Business Hours by Wish Upon a Starfish Photography.
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