The Errands, They Have Been Run

Today was extremely productive.

During lunch I did my grocery shopping for the week, filled the car up and picked up the dry cleaning. Then I ran home, ate lunch and let the dogs out.

After work, I walked the dogs, tidied the house and ate dinner.

Then it was off to Target where I picked up only those things that I needed to survive: to wit, toilet paper and lubriderm.

Then I had to swing back by the Teeter because I forgot to buy beer at lunch. That's right, my life was incomplete until my fridge was re-stocked with Miller Lite. That situation has been rectified.

Then I ran by Barnes & Noble to pick up the latest Elinor Lipman book and a cooking technique book by Jacques Pepin.

Let me tell ya'll, the next time some recipe takes a tone with me and tells me to slaughter a chicken - thinking I won't know how - I have faith that Jacques will tell me exactly how to do it. In my experience, the French don't play when it comes to livestock and don't forget it.

Anywho - back to the house and walked the Beans again. Apparently not enough because when we came back in they launched a monumental frap- instigated by Finn, strangely enough - and now they are passed out in the master bathroom and behind the couch, respectively.

And I practiced a little law today, too.

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  1. beer in the fridge a must, be still my heart... you are singing a sweet summer tune (:


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