Painting the Guest Bathroom


I think I'm going to paint the guest bathroom this weekend.

It's time.

I know this because the thought of doing it does not make my stomach turn.

Now, the big hurdle is to decide on the color.

Right now I'm leaning toward greenish blue - as opposed to bluish green.

And don't laugh at me about this because you know that I am ... how shall we say this - detail oriented - about the house.

I would really rather have it be more blue than green but my towels and rug are green and I don't want to replace them. So we'll have to see. Maybe a bluish greenish gray? Or is that taupe?

I think I'll have to consult with my House Beautiful paint book for a suggestion and then haul over to Benjamin Moore.

I have heard, from reliable sources, that there is a guy at the Benjamin Moore on Wendover who is a color genius.

I guess we'll find out on Saturday.

Don't worry. I'll post pictures.

And if the guy is a real thing, I'll tell you all about him, too.

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