Latest Scheme

This is my stairwell.

I'm not happy with it and in the past two weeks I have turned my attention to it in a very considered way.

That's a nice way to say that it is my latest obsession and the object of my latest scheme.

First, the stairwell itself has not yet been painted. It's still covered in flat builder's beige and one way or another, that must soon change.

Second, I hate my bannisters with a white hot passion. After much consideration, I have decided to paint them white and will do so in the next little bit.

Third, having taken careful note of the reemergence of wallpaper as a hot decorating trend, I have decided that this is an excellent area to introduce it into Chateau Bee Charmer.

Here's the leading contender - "Imperial Trellis" by Schumacher. I want the cream on white, but you can tell more about it from the darker color. I am, however, open to suggestions and will be meeting with a new decorator today so I can finalize the plan and get started.

My first thought was to put it on the main wall of the stairwell. However, given my unwavering ability to pick out the most expensive galdang thing in the world, I'm beginning to think that covering that wall might be a little cost prohibitive, given the height of the stairwell.

Then I decided that maybe I can get the same "bang" by covering the hallway wall when you first come in.

This one:

That way, your eye will be pulled down the hall and into the living room. And I'll have my darling Sean come and paint the stairwell in "Tuscan Beige" to match the rest of the house.
What do you think?
Finn is all over this plan. Here he is offering his support.

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  1. yes, yes, and yes! the hallway would be perfect and i love your choice for wallpaper! and you already know that i agree wholeheartedly with painting the banisters, this is de rigueur!


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