A New Year!


I know - I've been MIA.... 

Well, not really.  I've been MIA from the blog.  I've been very immersed in the rest of my life.  So much so that the blog is suffering. 

Like the rest of my life, the blog is in transition.

I know y'all think it looks like I'm not doing anything but I'm actually thinking a lot about the future of this little blog and I need to make some changes.  I just don't know how to do it. 

Literally - I hired someone to do a template for me and now I can't change it and I want to.  So I'm looking into it and in the meantime I'm sort of mentally stuck.  Part of the problem with being me is that this kind of shit just freaks me out. And so I'm stuck. 

But trust me when I tell you that I'm giving it lots of thought. 

In the meantime, I know y'all all spent all year looking forward to my New Year's Resolutions but I swear I haven't had many thoughts this year ....

So far, I've only come up with a couple:

The first is to learn to make pho (I found a recipe).

The second is to love my life more - even when it's hard. 

I hope that you can glean from this blog that I wish to be grateful, to be full of gratitude and no matter how grateful I ever am, I don't feel like I'm grateful enough.  So I'm trying to be more grateful this year, more in love, more engaged, even when its hard. 

So thanks for stopping by and I hope you all had a lovely, lovely holiday season. 

I'll be in and out while I struggle with this.  Thanks to all who visit!




  1. The template - that can always be changed.

    Good pho recipe? Google America's Test Kitchen Vietnamese Pho. That one was been pretty good (just add more chile-garlic sauce for sure).

    Being grateful. That's tough if you are not being super specific about what it is you want to be grateful for. Sounds like you cast a big net for this one.

    As far as you struggling with what to do w/ your blog. Don't feel obligated for our benefit. While it's neat to read about folks with familiar tastes, styles, etc - it's not worth you having to struggle for it.

    Sounds like you got a full dance card & are trying to manage all the obligations. Sit out a dance or two. Rest your feet. Have a glass of something good.

  2. I have missed your daily blogs! I love your sense of style and miss seeing photos of your well appointed home and of course all those shopping tips. I’ve been going through a dark passage myself and have been trying desperately to pull myself out of it without much success. I have never experienced loneliness before, at least, not what I’m feeling these days. My Mother, bless her heart, left me with a mess which I know she didn’t intend to do. I’m overwhelmed with decisions to make and I have never been a good decision maker, but I’m working on it. Enough of woe is me or I, whatever! I hope you get everything sorted soon. I’m missing my morning dose of the Beans too!



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