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Yesterday I talked a little bit about what I think one fundamentally needs for one's home. Today I'd like to talk a little bit about bits and pieces that go into creating a truly comfortable and luxurious home. I have come up with at least five things that I think one should have to make your home that much more special and enjoyable, for yourself and for others.

First, a good IPod player. I have a Klipsh IGroove and I find it to be just short of perfection. It is small, portable, tucks away without much fuss and has BIG sound. Big enough to fill the house if I want it to. Music is so important to our lives. It transports us as few other things can. Having your music playing in your house is an everyday comfort and luxury to be savored.

Second, good lamps and just as importantly, good lamp shades. The Bee Charmer is known for her poor eyesight and absolute aversion to overhead lights. There is a reason overhead lights are used as torture devices. Therefore, I am something of a lamp fanatic. I have good lamps, cheap lamps and vintage lamps throughout the house. They furnish utility, create warmth and add personality. No matter where you get your lamps, for heaven's sake get yourself some decent lamp shades! I love the ones from Restoration Hardware and I have to say that they appear on all my Target lamps. The other thing that goes with this, of course, is the light bulbs. I cannot stress to you enough how important light bulbs are. When I moved into my townhouse the recessed lights in the kitchen contained normal bulbs and when I turned them on it was like a dungeon in there. I replaced them with the GE Reveal Bulbs and now it is if I have a skylight. What a difference a little thing makes!

Third, a good bottle of bourbon in the cabinet and a good bottle of vodka in the freezer. You should always have bourbon. It's pleasant, it's substantial and it is Southern. Enough said. And there are few things that cannot be improved by the addition of ice cold vodka.

Fourth, the absolute best set of cookware and kitchen knives that you can possibly beg, borrow, buy or steal. I have a couple of sets of cookware, one stainless and one non-stick, thanks to my dear friend who worked for the lovely people at Calphalon and Hooked. Me. Up. I also have a gorgeous and heavenly Le Creuset french oven that my parents got me for Christmas a couple of years ago - it's "kiwi", in case you care. Talk about love!

Fifth, half and half for the coffee, good olive oil for the salad, kosher salt, Dijon mustard, white lily all purpose flour, caffeine free Diet Coke and a jar of Newman's Own Vodka Sauce in the kitchen. Philosophy shower gel and a big scrubby puff in the shower. Downy scent-free fabric softener in the sheets. "Auntie Mame", "McLintock!" and all six seasons of "Sex and the City" on DVD.

I mean, come on, a girl could do worse!

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