Resolution Number Two

It's New Years, my friends and the Bee Charmer's thoughts have turned, once again, to liquor. I don't know what it is but New Years is the one and only time of the year that my little self darkens the door of the liquor store and this year will be no exception (if my mother is reading this, she is particularly aghast right now).

Part of this compulsion is, as I have said, my never ending desire to have a perfectly appointed home. I live in fear that someone will show up and want something alcoholic to drink and I won't have any to offer. The exception to this is gin. If you want gin, you'll have to bring it yourself because I think it to be vile - can't stand the smell of it, the sight of it, the thought of it and it will not be in my liquor cabinet - ever. But I digress... The point is, that I take stock of my liquor cabinet on New Years and think about filling in the gaps. Thus, if Victor Laszlo ever busts up into my kitchen, I can and will be able serve him a champaigne cocktail.

The second part of my liquor store trip has to do with a yearly resolution that I make to drink more. I know this is an unlikely resolution so let me clarify. I enjoy a social drink from time to time. I find liquor particularly pleasant. Lots of people occasionally enjoy a nice glass of wine after work and I wish that I could. However, I usually do not drink enough to justify opening a bottle of wine. One glass and the rest of the bottle ends up turning to vinegar. Also, I have a problem with wine making my head hurt. Therefore, having never been much of a beer drinker, I have always had a fondness for liquor. Having said that, there isn't anything particularly romantic or chic to me in the thought of coming home and doing a shot of Wild Turkey. What I need is the vibe and the sipability of wine in a liquor bottle.

For the past few weeks, I have been reading about Cognac and I feel that this might be the thing I have been looking for. You know, challenging day at work, come home, get out my snifter (yeah, I am gonna have to buy some of those, too), pour myself a nice cognac and nurse it for a few hours. According to Cognac drinkers this is very enjoyable. It's also very French, so all the better.

Therefore, I am heading off to the ABC Store to procure myself some cognac. I am also picking up some bitters, even though I don't know what they are for, I have been assured that they are handy for mixing any number of drinks, so I figured, what the hoo. I'll let you know how it turns out. In the meantime, if you want a drink, just stop on by.


  1. the cognac experiment. maybe i can stop on by and try it with you.

  2. All good homes should have bitters. They are a STAPLE on Whiskey Old Fashions.

  3. I should've known that you'd know about the bitters!


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