We're Gonna Be in the Hudson

This is just the damndest thing I think I have ever seen.

It is also an amazing testament to one man's skill, experience and ability and a humbling reminder of God's power and His grace.

Thank God for the lives of the people on this plane and for the people who rushed to rescue them on Thursday. What a truly miraculous blessing for us all.


  1. I just found out that someone that KD goes to church with was on that plane. He's shaken up but very thankful he is alive. I can't imagine having that experience.

  2. does anyone agree that we maybe should stay on the ground? of course this is coming from me, and the source of such statements do make a difference, so i readily admit that i feel ground travel is the way to go because flying is not! my favorite thing...
    and bravo to that pilot and crew and the heavenly assistance that was on their side that cold nyc day.


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