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My power was out when I woke up this morning. I could not do my hair, I could not make coffee, I couldn't even get my car out of the garage. Now, it is well known that there is no such thing as natural beauty and this is especially true here at the Bee Charmer's house. Beauty must be created every morning and the creation of beauty requires electricity.

The upshot of all of this is that I was late for work.

Not to have my fun plans for the day upended, I had lunch with my colleague and male girlfriend, Bobby G. Do ya'll have any idea how much I love Bobby G? Well I do. He is my friend.

I stopped by the liquor store on the way back to the office and picked up a bottle of cognac. I went with the Remy Martin Fine Champaigne Cognac VSOP. I will say that the cognac selection there at the Park Road ABC Store left a little to be desired. I poured a little in the snifter when I got home from work two hours ago and so far I have had 2 and a half sips. It warms your chest, let me tell you. It is an acquired taste so I am acquiring. I can't say that I am loving it so far, but I don't hate it. It is beautiful in the glass and the glass is also very beautiful. I am quite the little cosmopolitan cutie, no?

I also scheduled a plumber to come over here next week and give me an estimate for putting in a line to my steam dryer. Right now, it won't steam and I really want it to. Hopefully, the cost will not be prohibitive. I never thought I would reach the point of personal growth where I would voluntarily spend money on a plumber, but we have indeed gotten there.

The highlight of my day is that my next door neighbors (whose multiple cars are always in the way because they use their garage as a storage area)have finally put one of their cars into the garage! Perhaps the homeowner's association has let it be known that they are going to start towing (as well they should). This has been my pet peeve with them since I moved in because they make it difficult for me to use my driveway. I comply with the rules and I think everybody else should, too. So there. Anyway, it's progress! Maybe? Hopefully.....

I am off to the Teeter and the bookstore and the gas station. No matter how much I talk about the cognac, ya'll know it is really all about the diet coke and right now, we are out of it.

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