Angie Harmon Lives in Charlotte!


Did you know that Angie Harmon lives in Charlotte?

Well, she does.  They reported it on the front page of the paper - so it must be true.

Still, I didn't really believe she was going to 'live' here. 

And then I totally saw her shopping for groceries at the Teeter on Good Friday!

One doesn't often bump into celebrities in Charlotte, let alone in the frozen food section of the Teeter.

This was my total thought process:
OMG! It's Angie Harmon!

Be cool, Tonya.

I have to tweet!  I have to blog about this!
She looked at me and I smiled (while trying to play it cool) and then I scurried off to the wine section and called my best friend - like the uncool hillbilly that I really am.

After I calmed down, I was happy that I had a cartful of 'cool' groceries - fresh veggies, wine and flowers for my dinner party - as opposed to a 25lb bag of dog food and a big box of Kotex.  Not that she looked at my cart anyway - but still.  

I can report to you, darling readers, that she is very beautiful and very thin and her children were very well behaved.  All three of them.   She was wearing little or no makeup and dressed like all the other moms.  Nothing 'celebrity' her. 

And no one was bothering her, which made me happy and proud of Charlotte.

I hope she and her family will feel at home here.

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