Happy Monday

Hi, everyone!

How was the weekend?

Ours was pretty good.  We did NOT get blown away by storms on Saturday, which was good.  Charlotte escaped most of the damage, which happened further east. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with those in East Carolina. 

We did enjoy the lazy, rainy Saturday and I cleaned the house and did the laundry and paid the bills and Lola followed me around and Finn sort or sat around and worried about the weather. 

It's funny that I've been such a worrier all my life and now I watch him worry and it just breaks my heart.  I wish he was less anxious, but he hates storms and that's just the way it is. 

Sunday was also pretty lazy, but we got lots of exercise and I went and got my toes done. 


In other news, my boss is back this week but 2 other lawyers in my firm are on vacation....


All I can say is that I hope they all suffer and miss me when I'm in Paris.  'Cause right now, I'm sucking air, y'all. 

But I have no court today, for which I'm very grateful and I have a little bit of court on Thursday which will be a good day to get out of the office - Thursday will go fast and then.....


Which leads us to the Easter weekend that's on the way.

I love Easter.  It's my favorite holiday.  I wish Christmas was more like Easter. 

So let's hope for a great week and thank you all for dropping by. 
Image:  Love Story by Amelia Kay Photography.


  1. I have a short week too! My Thursday class was cancelled, so I'm heading home for Easter Wednesday night for a much-needed mini-vacay! Sadly, however, I'm going to have to write a paper while I'm home, but at least I'll be home!

  2. OH! I remember when I used to have papers to write!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Louis frets over storms too :( I always try to tell him that he is safe in our home, but he frets all the same. I tend to carry him around for most of the storm. Probalby not the best thing to do to help him overcome his fear, but alas....

    I adore Easter as well. Absolutely adore it. I spend the day with my "family" of besties, and it ends up being the most relaxing and enjoyable celebration for us.


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