This Charming Closet

With the exception of days when I go to Court, my office is business casual and in the summer we really lean a little more toward casual.  Mostly because it's so hot.

Since I can be a little flexible with work attire, I'm always on the lookout for versatile pieces that I can wear both to work and for weekends.  This is especially true in the warmer months. 

This past weekend, I went shopping with my darling friend, The New Mrs. Barr. 

In an effort to step a little 'out of my box' I ended up with this cute little jacket - from Ann Taylor Loft. 

I actually wore it to work on Monday with trousers and Christian Louboutins and I think it will look equally cute later this spring with jeans and flip flops. 

It comes in several colors and it's got a lot of cute details and it's a good weight.  The other thing that I like about it is that the Loft prices make it easier to buy some more 'trendy' pieces without breaking the bank.

And they have great sales!

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