Happy Monday


How was the weekend?  Or last week for that matter?

Mine was good.  Work is finally coming under control - or as under control as one's law practice can ever be.

So while I was off, I was thinking about this week's blog - which I actually do a lot.  Is it weird that I feel an obligation to say things here?  Is that the point of it?

Anyway - since I seem to be spending all my time lately with my nose in a book, I thought that I would do a 'theme blog' this week and just talk about books.  How's that?  Well, it's all I've got right now, so y'all are gonna have the bear with me!  Or is that bare?  Really, I don't think I've ever known....

Anywho, that you for stopping by this week.  We're talking about books and things!


Image:  Peace, Love, Books by Hesed Books and Gifts.

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  1. Love it! Then again, I also have a calendar reminder set for when one of my favorite author's new book comes out tomorrow...


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