Happy Monday

Here's what happened here this weekend:

Two short, fuzzy and incredibly vile stinky Beans went back to the spa and returned to home clean and fluffy and smelling like cinnamon biscuits;

The house got cleaned (including the hardwoods - which I hate);

Genius bar at Apple (because I am technologically declined);

Books were read;

Laundry was done;

Real estate was reviewed and toured (friends buying beautiful house);

Brunch was had and liquor was involved;

Shopping (sweaters have been purchased).

There was no napping nor was there any sleeping in.  That, my friends, was a bummer.

And my neighbor has tried to rope me in to serving on the HOA Board.  I'm on the fence about that.  We'll need to think on it. 

The weather here is beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful.  I love the time when the seasons change.  Also, the thought of impending winter sort of fills me with a kind of dread that is delicious.  Is that weird?  I can't wait for snow.  And I also can't wait for Christmas.

Happy Monday!!
Image:  Bumbershoot by J. M. Barclay.

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