On Perspective

I follow this guy on Twitter.  He lives in Charlotte, but I don't know him or anything.

He seems to live a very healthy life style.  He's always tweeting about bran, egg whites, running, cross training, hot yoga...  you get the drill.

And mostly, I read his tweets and I think 'Man, Tonya.  You really need to get back with the program."

I have visions of myself, flush and rosy, coming out of hot yoga with a yoga mat under one arm and my muscles rippling.... 

I'm laying on the couch as I type this so you can see where I'm going with that.

So this weekend, I had a bit of an epiphany. 

Well - let's not go straight to epiphany. 

Maybe a flash of insight is a better way of putting it...

This guy, my twitter friend, tweeted that he had gotten up at 7:20 Saturday morning, been out the door by 7:45, run 6 miles, gone to yoga and then eaten a bran muffin with a shot of wheat grass.

And the first thought that came to my mind, unbidden and involuntary was:

"Good for you.  More bacon and vodka for me."

And I meant it, y'all.

Somewhere, I turned a corner and started to accept myself. 

And I'm not sorry.

And when I think "Is my next stop Pudgy-ville?"

Somehow, I don't care so much as long as Pudgy-ville has good coffee and I can sleep in on Saturday.
Image:  Pancake Breakfast by Sunday Kind.

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  1. I'm with you! I decided a while ago that the sacrifices I would need to make to get to the "hot yoga vision" really just aren't that fun and wouldn't improve my life or happiness.


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