Happy Friday!

Hi, everyone. 

It's Friday and I have to say that I am a little melancholy today. 

Tomorrow is September 11.  I think it's a day that's hard for us.   I don't want to really say too much about it other than I will be thinking of those who died that day and praying for their loved ones and for all of us really.  I wish peace to us all. 

I am also continuing with the great lollapalooza autumn clean out over here.  I'm hoping to take my stuff to the consignment shop on Saturday and also maybe to unload some stuff on Craigslist.  Last weekend's effort was a complete bust, but I think it was sort of a bad weekend with the holiday and all.  So I'm gonna try again.  I'm also going to list some things on Ebay- my first time - ever - and I'll post the link on Monday in case any of you lovely people want to bid on some of my loot! 

Other than that, I suspect that naps will be taken and puppies will be smooched and at least one brunch will be eaten with at least one darling friend.  You know, the standard weekend activities.  

So stay safe this weekend and kiss the ones you love.  Kiss them twice and always tell them that you love them. 

And I'll see you on Monday. 
Image:  Flying Paper Crane by Something Monumental.

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