Happy Monday

You know, one of the things that I hate most is when I get in a mood and I don't want to be where I am.

Does that make sense? 

I've been in such a funk for the past two weeks.  Not really unhappy - certainly I don't have anything to be unhappy about - but unsettled and yearning for ..... something.  Sunday evening, I finally put my finger on it.

I want autumn.  I want fall.  I want cooler days and even some rainy, quiet weekends.  I want snuggly socks and a lit fireplace and boots and sweaters and pink cheeks.

Are you allowed to say that you're sick of summer?

I'm waiting for that click when the seasons change and the pumpkin patch is open and when you wake up on Saturday morning to gray and rain you can snuggle down in your bed a little bit deeper and be grateful that you are warm and you don't have to be up for a while.

And I want rain.  Cold, drizzly, all day rain.  Nap weather.  Oh.  It seems like it hasn't rained in forever in North Carolina.

So - how was everyone's weekend?

We actually did have a little bit cooler weather and some rain on Saturday.  It was a good day to run errands, which is what I did.   I totally bagged the whole Craigslist/Consignment Store run.  It was just more than I could bear.

I am sorry to report that I've had a sick, cranky and velcro Bean - again - this weekend.  She's had another hot spot.  God Lord!  I don't know where they've all come from this year but I'm ready for them to stop!  If this isn't the last one the vet said we're going to have to talk about putting her on steroids.  Poor Lola!  In any event, she's been on benadryl all weekend and I've given her some pain medicine because she obviously feels so lousy.  It seems to have helped her and the dern thing has scabbed over so I believe that she's on the mend.  Please keep your fingers crossed. 

I had brunch and did some Sleepy Poet shopping with my darling friend, Sarah on Sunday.  She was sweet enough to listen to me vent for a while, for which I am so, so grateful. 

And then I listed a bunch of stuff on Ebay.  Man!  Ebay kicked my ass.  I had no idea how involved it was to list your stuff on Ebay.  I was going to list more but I got so worn out I had to quit!   If you want to go check out the loot, you can click here.

Anyway - I have court this morning.  In fact, I've got 2/3 of the docket - which means I have to take my big girl briefcase!  I kinda hate it when that happens.  Wish me luck!
Image:  Wet by Photography by Bomobob.


  1. Good luck in court today! Oh, and to your yearning for fall, you could add hot soups and chowders in mugs to your list!

  2. Say it, girl, me too with this hot sticky weather, and the corgis hate it ! The hot spot business is THE WORST. Last year , putting the drying powder on the side of my Rudy's face, some must have gotten in his eyes, and the result was beyond hideous. Such a little trooper, handling the subsequent treatment for THAT, but I was a weepy mess...Ever tried Wellness food ?

  3. Oh, poor baby! Finn had one on his ear once but we've never had a facial one - thank goodness. We have not tried Wellness but we're getting ready to switch over to Hill's Science Diet. I just talked to the vet about it this week.

  4. I think goooooood food is as helpful for them as it is for the babes...I switched mine to Wellness this summer, and no problems of any dermatological sort...Good luck, I am sure it will make a difference.

  5. They eat Eukanuba right now, but the recent salmonella scare has given me pause. We're switching to Hills as soon as what we have runs out in a couple of weeks. Lola has an incredibly delicate system so we have to sort of ease her over.


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