This Charming Closet

Those of you who know me, know that the only thing I like better than a basic black head to toe outfit is a nice leopard print accessory to go with it. 

Now, I know that leopard anything is all the rage now, but leopard and me go wayyyyy back.  If you need proof, I'll show you my Christian Louboutin leopard print wedges from years ago.  You know they are old because they predate the mortgage that would now preclude their purchase. 

Anywho.... despite my love of leopard and handbags, it has now occurred to me that I don't have any leopard print handbags

How can this be?!?!?!?  Well, y'all, it be.  It's a tragedy. 

This one, from Alaia, would do nicely.  Except, you know, for the pesky mortgage.....


  1. I have the most fabulous leopard heels. I only wear them once or twice a year, but I love them. And have loved them for years. And I have a handbag as well. And I got it at Target. Can you believe?!?!

  2. That's the handbag I need to find! I'm going to look around for another option - something vintage might be nice.


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