This Charming Closet

So .....

What do we think about the J. Crew sequined harem pants, which cost $650 and are, incidentally, sold out.....

It seems that the blog world either LOVES them or is appalled by their very existence.

I actually think I might like them (at least theoretically) if they were black and didn't have the elastic cuffs at the bottom.    

As they are, I personally think they are a little excessive for the Carolina League.


  1. I think that unless someone is 5' 10" and thin as a reed, these parnts are probably to difficult to pull off properly.

  2. If I wore them, I would look like a very short, very pudgy, very sparkly little oompah loompah, and would most likely be featured on the "People of Walmart" website

  3. First off, that's a ridiculous amount of $ to spend on something you will only wear once. Second off, anyone that wears them will look like a clown.

  4. You're going to see some poor woman out wearing them now and you'll have no choice but to mock her in your head.


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