A Little Extra Pretty

One of the things I love most about Elle Decor is that it provides me with a steady supply of art crushes. 

This month they gave me Katherine Bowling, whose painting appears above.  It's my new favorite thing in the world. 

Image:  Bird (Self Portrait), 2009 by Katherine Bowling.


  1. Very pretty! Are you going to check out Architectural Digest now that Margaret Russell from Elle Decor is the new Editor-in-Chief? On a totally different note, I thought of you yesterday when I saw a story on the news about the young woman who was murdered in CLT. What is the mood of the town?

  2. I am very hopeful that AD will step it up because I find it so unrelentingly boring, which is a shame since it features such stunning homes. I don't always like Elle Decor's interiors, but they're always interesting.

    The town was in a "hang 'em high" mood until last night. The autopsy came back and it now appears that the girl went home with him willingly, they got high and she OD'd in her sleep and the guy just freaked out and hid her body. The police and the DA's office are totally walkin' it back right. It's a shame for the family. The victim taught swimming lessons to my law partner's child. It's very sad.

  3. Yes, AD has been woefully out of touch and just plain dull. It will be really interesting to see what Margaret Russell does with the brand.

    Thanks for the update on the murder case and CLT's mood. Very sad indeed.

    Are you going to the Eddie Ross shopping event at the Metrolina on Nov 5/6? You can find the details on his blog.

  4. You know, I know I'm not supposed to admit this out loud, but I couldn't stand Eddie Ross when he was on Top Design. I just thought he was a little worm. And I agreed with Kelly Wearstler and thought he was too "granny". So I doubt I'll go see him.

  5. I agree that Eddie didn't come off well on the show. I have been to his flea market jaunts in NYC and have to say that he was lovely, helpful and a wealth of information. I have a little "granny chic" in me, though :)

  6. Well, I don't mean to malign 'granny chic' because I sort of feel myself pulling that way these days. I think my television dislike of Eddie may be carrying over! I have heard many, many people express similar feelings about him in person - that he is lovely - so maybe I just need to get over myself. I'll think about checking him out!


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